Photo by one of our guests, Darren Waters.....many thanks for letting us use it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The donkeys arrive.....

Sally, the grey & white and Sam, the brown donkey arrived at the end of 2011, both were born during the summer on a nearby farm.
They are now settling in at Pant yr Hwch and currently getting used to their head collars and leads as the first part of their training....not sure who is training who at the moment!

Wooly pig, Ruby's first litter

On Monday 31 January 2012 Ruby, one of our two Mangalitza sows, gave birth to her first litter of 7 piglets. Despite the cold weather and giving birth in her outdoor pig ark, they are all currently doing fine.
The piglets are growing quickly and after just a few days are out exploring their surroundings.
The breed is not so far removed from the wild pig with the piglets having stripy coats which would help to camouflage them in the wild