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The History of Pant yr Hwch

The early history of Pantyrhwch is not known, it is situated on the edge of lands that belonged to a medieval monastic grange that belonged to Llanllyr.

The earliest occupier of Pantyrhwch found to date was Evan David a "cottager" whose death was recorded in the Lampeter parish book on 24 December 1699.

Pantyrhwch is shown on Thomas Hughes' Llysvane estate map of 1802.

It is subsequently recorded as part of the Neuadd Fawr estate owned by Thomas Hugh Rice Hughes who died in 1902 leaving his estate, which included Pantyrhwch to his wife Alice Mabel Hughes who died in 1930.

Census research showed that in 1841 the tenants of Pantyrhwch were Thomas Lewis, farmer, 55 yrs old (born around 1786), Elizabeth Lewis, wife 40 yrs old and Mary Williams 10 yrs old. The census records show two properties at Pantyrhwch these are confirmed on various maps. Living at the second dwelling were William Williams, farm labourer, 30 yrs old born in Llanllwni around 1811 and Sarah Williams his wife, 25 yrs old.

The 1851 Census records Thomas Lewis a small farmer, 72 yrs old still living in Pantyrhwch with his wife Elizabeth Lewis, 55 yrs old and John Jones a lodger, 11 yrs old. William Williams Agricultural labourer 39 yrs old and his wife Sarah, 32 yrs old were still living at the second dwelling together with their two daughters Elizabeth Williams 10 yrs old and Sarah Williams 5 yrs old.

The Census of 1861 show that Thomas Lewis must have died as his wife Elizabeth Lewis 67 yrs old is recorded as the farmer of the 8 acres comprising Pantyrhwch. Living with her were Elizabeth Davies dairymaid 35 yrs old and Esther Thomas 4 months old. Still living at the second dwelling were William Williams agricultural labourer 49 yrs old, his wife Sarah 42 yrs old and their daughter Sarah, scholar 14 yrs old.

The 1871 Census Elizabeth Davies, 41 yrs old (born around 1832) as the farmer of Pantyrhwch comprising 6 acres and living with her was her daughter Esther Thomas 10 yrs old. This suggest that Elizabeth Lewis must have died and Elizabeth Davies who was the dairy maid took over the tenancy....why her daughter has a different surname and why there is no mention of a husband is unclear. William Williams, labourer, 58 yrs old is still living at the second dwelling with his wife Sarah 52 yrs old and their 5 yr old grandson David Williams.

The Census of 1881 has Elizabeth Davies, farmer, 49 yrs old still living at Pantyrhwch comprising 9 acres together with her daughter Esther Thomas 20 yrs old (born around 1861) and Mary Jones a lodger unable to work, 47 yrs old (born around 1834). Still living at the second dwelling were William Williams agricultural labourer, 69 yrs old and his wife Sarah 63 yrs old. A gravestone in Capelygroes shows that Sarah died in 1888 at 70 yrs old.

The 1891 Census records Pantyrhwch as comprising 4 rooms with Elizabeth Davies farmer 63 yrs old still living there with her daughter Esther Thomas dressmaker, 29 yrs old, Daniel Thomas, Esther's son, 1 yr old (no mention of Esther's husband), Mary Jones lodger 59 yrs old living on her own means and Ann Griffiths 2 yrs old boarder and nursed child born in Llanfair Clydogau. Still living at the second dwelling comprising 2 rooms was William Williams, agricultural labourer 78 yrs old and a widower. The gravestone in Capelygroes shows William died in 1899 at 89 yrs old.

The Census of 1901 shows Elizabeth Davies farmer, 74 yrs old still living at Pantyrhwch Farm together with Ester Davies her daughter 38 yrs old, James Evans Davies grandson 11 yrs old and Mary Jones boarder 60 yrs old. Living at Pantyrhwch Cottage were Margaret Evans, wife 28 yrs old, Ester Evans her daughter 2 yrs old and her son James Evans 8 months old.

The 1911 Census shows Esther Davies, single, 50 yrs old, farmer still living at Pantyrhwch with her son Daniel Davies farm labourer, single, 22 yrs old. No record has been found for Pantyrhwch Cottage in 1911 cottage.

The title deeds of Pantyrhwch show that following the death of Alice Mabel Hughes in 1930 the Neuadd Fawr Estate, including Pantyrhwch was sold for £225 in October 1931 to Daniel James Davies (farmer) and Hettie Davies (spinster) both of Pantyrhwch which comprised 10.631 acres.

Hettie died in 1943 and Daniel died in 1947, his estate administrators sold Pantyrhwch comprising 10.599 acres for £1,030 to Patrick Kinsella and his wife Catherine Mary Kinsella of Tynywaun in June 1947.

Patrick Kinsella died in April 1979 and his wife Catherin Mary Kinsella inherited Pantyrhwch but she lived in Lampeter. Catherine Mary Kinsella died in July 2000 Her daughter Mary Elanor Bridgit Kinsella inherited Pantyrhwch whilst her other daughter Catherin Jane Lewis inherited Tynywaun.

In October 2007 Mary Elanor Bridgit Kinsella left Pantyrhwch in her will to her daughter Catherine Elizabeth Margaret Mary Thomas of Creuddyn Bridge, Lampeter.

Catherine Elizabeth Margaret Mary Thomas sold Pantyrhwch to Martin Jones and his wife Ann Martin Jones in February 2008.